Descoperă diferitele noastre tipuri de Pereți verzi:

• Reindeer Moss (Lichen)

• Ball Moss

• Provence Moss

• ForesT

Green Mood brings you a green space, full of abundant and generous nature through its projects of vertical and preserved vegetation, creating a place of life and well-being in just the same way as a traditional one.

Natural, ecological, customizable, Green walls transform your place and provide an aesthetic solution for sound insulation.

All of our projects are a result of a personalized study. Feel free to contact us with pictures, drawings, or ideas and we’ll study it: the concept of GreenMood’s vertical garden is created in a way that it can be installed indoor, no matter how your space is configured.


Versatili, colorați, rezistenți și moderni…

Mușchi de Pământ

Rotunjime estetică, perfecți pentru proiectele de design pe suprafețe plate…

Mușchi de Provence

Eleganța naturii: culoare închisă cu reflecții deschise


Host a light to dense forest without any maintenance!